[v3.7.0] W10 Digital License C# – C# edition of Windows 10 digital license activator

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For activation methods before Windows 10, the first choice for most of us must be KMS activation, and a lot of similar activators based on KMS had become very popular on the Internet. But in the case of increasing Windows 10 users, the conveniences of the digital license permanent activation method that Windows 10 uses is being deeply welcomed by more and more users. Accordingly, Windows 10 digital license activation tools are getting popular too. And, W10 Digital License C# is one of the derived versions (written in C#) of their originator HWID GEN.

W10 Digital License C# (W10 数字许可 C#, AKA: Win10 DigitalLicense C#, Windows 10 Digital License C#) is a free and open-source Windows 10 digital license activator developed by angelkyo from China, written in C#. Its activation principle and process are all based on s1ave77‘s HWID GEN. angelkyo originally only did localization work for HWID GEN, later he decided to write this C# edition of HWID Gen by himself. We can think of it this way – angelkyo rewrote HWID Gen in C#.

Anyhow, W10 Digital License C# this Windows 10 digital license based activation tool can help you automatically get Windows 10 digital licenses, and permanently authorize, activate your Windows 10 OS in the simplest way. No product key or activation code is required, as long as you don’t change the computer itself or make big hardware upgrade.

// Supported Windows 10 Versions //

  • Cloud sku=178
  • CloudN sku=179
  • CoreN sku=98
  • CoreCountrySpecific sku=99
  • CoreSingleLanguage sku=100
  • Core sku=101
  • Education sku=121
  • EducationN sku=122
  • Enterprise sku=4
  • EnterpriseN sku=27
  • EnterpriseS sku=125
  • EnterpriseSN sku=126
  • Professional sku=48
  • ProfessionalN sku=49
  • ProfessionalEducation sku=164
  • ProfessionalEducationN sku=165
  • ProfessionalWorkstation sku=161
  • ProfessionalWorkstationN sku=162

// Use Instructions //

  • Click the Activate button to activate digital authorization automatically
  • Click the Install-KEY button, only the KEY is installed and will not be activated
  • Check button Detects system information and SKU values. If the KEY text box is left blank, the built-in KEY corresponding to your system version will be automatically displayed after detection
  • Silent execution parameters is /Q. After the silent execution is complete, a log file will be generated. C:\W10D.log
  • Add right-click menu to select product KEY
  • The saved ticket is at C:\GenuineTicket.xml

// Warning //

This activator might be reported as Win32:Malware-gen or Win32: Dropper-gen [Drp] threat with high risk. Use VirusTotal to make a full, authoritative scan.

*** Please remember: antivirus software is not always right, just be careful.

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// Download URLs //

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v2.7.9 reserved 1.19 MB
v2.8.0 reserved 1.25 MB
v3.0.0 reserved n/a
v3.1.0 reserved 1.25 MB
v3.5.0 reserved 776 KB
v3.6.0 reserved 777 KB
v3.7.0 778 KB


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