[v2.0.7.5, v1.1.0, v1.0.6] MSAct++ – Online or phone activation helper for Windows & Office all series

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MSAct++ (AKA: MSAct Plus Plus; its has two predecessors: MSAct and MSAct+, AKA: MSAct Plus) is a tiny app designed to help activate Microsoft Windows (7~10) and Office (2010~2019) by phone, via activation keys and KMS activation method, developed by Ratiborus from Russia. Unlike MSAct and MSAct+, MSAct++ has the ability to create key groups for different Microsoft products.

MSAct++ is essentially an automatic batch validation and installation tool for Windows/Office Product Keys. It is able to automatically activate Windows & Office by entering their keys (also can be the ones stored in clipboard). If these keys are still valid, it will connect to network or Internet to perform a direct product activation; If the keys cannot finish online activation, and they have not been blocked by Microsoft, then an activation window by phone will open, in which it generates phone activation code automatically for you to activate by calling the Microsoft Licensing Activation Centers.

To activate by phone, you need to call the Activation Center, and send them the code in the “1-9” fields, in order to get the response code that should be entered in the “A-H” fields and click the “Apply code” button. If everything is done correctly, the product will be activated. When the activation is completed, you can save the key and code as a text file. Later, if you reinstall your Windows, you can restore the previously backuped license with ease.

// Supported Products //

  • Windows 10 All Edition
  • Windows 8.1 All Edition
  • Windows 8 All Edition
  • Windows 7 All Edition
  • Windows Vista All Edition
  • Windows XP
  • Office (2010~2019)

// Simple Tutorial //

  1. Select a product to install key and activation
  2. Type in the input box key the key for the selected product
  3. Click “Start”

// Tips //

  • If you copy the response code to clipboard, hold the Ctrl key and set the cursor to the field “A”, then the response code will be inserted automatically
  • If you hold Ctrl while typing a key in the key entry field, the key will be installed and created with an “Activation Backup”

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v1.0.0 reserved n/a
v1.0.1 reserved n/a
v1.0.2 reserved n/a
v1.0.3 reserved n/a
v1.0.4 reserved n/a
v1.0.5 reserved n/a
v1.0.6 Final 50.4 KB
MSAct+ (MSAct Plus)
v1.0.7 reserved 101 KB
v1.0.8 Beta 3 reserved 100 KB
v1.1.0 93.7 KB
MSAct++ (MSAct Plus Plus)
v2.0.1 reserved n/a
v2.0.2 reserved n/a
v2.0.3 reserved n/a
v2.0.4 reserved n/a
v2.0.5 reserved 1.98 MB
v2.0.6 reserved 1.92 MB
v2.0.7 reserved 2.13 MB
v2.0.7.1 reserved 1.88 MB
v2.0.7.3 reserved 1.89 MB
v2.0.7.4 reserved 1.89 MB
v2.0.7.5 1.96 MB

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