[v23.1] HEU KMS Activator – Windows & Office all VOL editions universal activator

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HEU KMS Activator is a lightweight and universal KMS-based activator, developed for Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Server) & Office (2010/2013/2016/2019) all VOL editions. It works without need of Internet connection, and no .NET Framework or other system components installation required, just activates your Windows/Office with one-click!

HEU KMS Activator was made by HEU/知彼而知己 from China and updated according to users’ requests and feedbacks. It was packaged as a single executable portable tool, which means there will be nothing left in the system after using, and you can delete it directly.

Besides, HEU KMS Activator can be regarded as one must-have tool for Windows 10/8.1/8 SiP (System In Package). With its help, you can use its silence parameter “/ s” to make a full-automatic and silent activation to Windows and Office.

// Key Features //

  • One-click activation based on KMS Server Emulator
  • High activation success rate and very fast execution speed
  • Supports almost all VOL editions (more than 87)
  • Without having to install .NET Framework first
  • Supports backup/restore of Windows/Office activation information
  • Allows to build your own KMS server
  • Multiple parameters can be chosen according needs
  • Includes many KMS related features (Install the key, activation status query, etc.)
  • Support both offline activation and online activation connecting to Internet server
  • Comes with detailed use tutorial and activation principle introduction, which make you feel safe and secure
  • Support 3 languages (English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese) – automatically identify

// Supported Microsoft Products //

Version Edition
Windows XP
  • Professional
Windows Vista
  • Business
  • Business N
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise N
Windows 7
  • Professional
  • Professional N
  • Professional E
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise N
  • Enterprise E
Windows 8
  • Professional
  • Professional N
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise N
  • Professional WMC
  • Core
  • Core N
  • Core ARM
  • Core Country Specific
  • Core Single Language
Windows 8.1
  • Professional
  • Professional N
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise N
  • Professional WMC
  • Core
  • Core N
  • Core ARM
  • Core Country Specific
  • Core Single Language
  • Embedded Industry E
  • Embedded Eval
Windows 10
  • Technical Preview
  • RTM
Windows Server 2008
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Datacenter
  • Compute Cluster (HPC)
  • Standard (No Hyper-V)
  • Enterprise (No Hyper-V)
  • Datacenter (No Hyper-V)
  • Itanium
  • Web
Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Standard
  • Enterprise
  • Datacenter
  • Compute Cluster (HPC)
  • Itanium
  • Multipoint
  • Web
Windows Server 2012
  • Standard
  • Datacenter
  • MultiPoint Premium
  • MultiPoint Standard
Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Standard
  • Datacenter
  • Solution
  • CloudStorage
Office 2010
  • Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Office 2010 Project Professional
  • Office 2010 Visio Professional
  • Office 2010 Visio Premium
  • Office 2010 Standard
  • Office 2010 Project Standard
  • Office 2010 Visio Standard
  • Office 2010 Access
  • Office 2010 Excel
  • Office 2010 SharePoint
  • Office 2010 InfoPath
  • Office 2010 OneNote
  • Office 2010 Outlook
  • Office 2010 PowerPoint
  • Office 2010 Publisher
  • Office 2010 Word
Office 2013
  • Office 2013 Professional Plus
  • Office 2013 Project Professional
  • Office 2013 Visio Professional
  • Office 2013 Standard
  • Office 2013 Project Standard
  • Office 2013 Visio Standard
  • Office 2013 Access
  • Office 2013 Excel
  • Office 2013 InfoPath
  • Office 2013 Lync
  • Office 2013 OneNote
  • Office 2013 Outlook
  • Office 2013 PowerPoint
  • Office 2013 Publisher
  • Office 2013 Word
Office 2016
  • Office 2016 RTM
  • Office 2016 VOL
  • Office 2016 Retail
Office 2019
  • Office 2019 RTM
  • Office 2019 VOL
  • Office 2019 Retail

The software author has guaranteed his tool absolutely does not contain any viruses, trojans or malicious plug-ins. For false reports from some antivirus tools, AppNee will tell you any antivirus software is not authoritative enough, instead, you can use the online cloud multiple virus scanning engines instead: VirusTotal or VirSCAN are most suggested.

// Simple Tutorials //

Activate once every 180 days:

  1. Run HEU KMS Activator
  2. Click “Activate xxx VL” button

Activate once, and keep the activated status forever:

  1. Run HEU KMS Activator
  2. Click “Activate ALL and Reactive” button

Activate once, and keep the activated status forever:

  1. Run HEU KMS Activator
  2. Click “Activate xxx VL” button
  3. Go to ‘Advance‘ tab, and click “Install/Uninstall Renewal Service

*** As long as the Windows/Office’s version/edition and your operation are correct, it will activate your products 100%. If that does not happen to you, please check these two matters:

  • Whether you have used some similar software before, and make sure to uninstall them cleanly
  • Make sure the Windows/Office you have installed are from the Microsoft official site and they are the original VOL editions

// Prompts //

  • Before use, be sure to uninstall any other “KMS activating tools”
  • Before start, you’d better close the anti-virus software and firewall (or add it to their white list)
  • This tool works using the KMS activation method, so you should known Microsoft’s rules about this – KMS needs to activate once more every 180 days. If this bothers you, try to use its automatic renewal feature

// Warning //

HEU KMS Activator may be reported as threats by some anti-virus software, like:

  • kms-clicent.exe – Win32:Malware-gen
  • kms-server.exe – Win32: PUP-gen [PUP]
  • kms.exe – Win32:Malware-gen
  • HEU_KMS_Activator_v23.1.0.exe – FileRepMalware
  • ….

*** Anyway, AppNee is warning you – make a full virus scan after using this tool!

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v7.8.8 reserved 3.07 MB
v10.0.0 reserved 2.69 MB
v11.2.0 (inner version) reserved 3.07 MB
v19.6.4 reserved 5.92 MB
v20.0.0 reserved 7.06 MB
v21.0.0 reserved 7.67 MB
v22.3.0 reserved 6.85 MB
v23.1.0 7.71 MB

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