For all the issues about AppNee, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Copyright complaints: please read our DMCA Policy first.
  • Other issues (it only can be about Missing Download Links, Software Recommendation, Website Advice, Advertisement Cooperation. Any doubt, censure or ask for “how to…” will be ignored. So we suggest that you’d better read the F.A.Q. page first before hastily contacting us. Otherwise, you might be wasting each other’s time): 


  1. Due to personal work, study and life, for now we can only occasionally get around to view and reply some worthy emails
  2. Do not ask us about our social media communication methods, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Phone number… We never ever waste time on such kind of decadent, meaningless apps (Instead, even falling on hard times is more meaningful than this)
  3. E-mail, is the only way we used and will use to contact with the outside world
  4. You can use any language you are good at, and we will use Google Translate to understand your words as much as we can, then reply you in the same language or you can translate it with Google Translate.

Yes, that's what I said!