[v14.x.x] VMware Workstation All-Version Universal Keygens collection

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As we all know, by default, VMware Workstation can only be used for free for 30 days. Therefore, if want to make it free-to-use permanently, we surely need the ready-made working license keys. Fortunately, with the great keygen/keymaker works made by EMBRACE and Z.W.T crack teams, we can generate them by ourselves.

In this post, AppNee provides the universal keygens/keymakers for almost any versions of VMware Workstation, with which we can easily generate a random software key/license key/serial number to perfectly register your VMware Workstation in the v6.x, v7.x, v8.x, v9.x, v10.x, v11.x, v12.x and v14.x version series. And best of all, all the generated license keys are perpetually effective, no expiration, no rebound. In particular, you don’t have to modify the hosts file or use a firewall to block the authentication connections to VMware servers, just direct use them.

Again, any serial number generated by each of these keymakers supports Windows & Linux (both 32-bit & 64-bit) at the same time.

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Made by Download Size
Version 14.x.x
OnLyOnE 60.7 KB
Version 12.x.x
For Linux 26.7 KB
Version 11.x.x (in sandbox)
Version 10.x.x
Team Z.W.T 50.5 KB
Version 9.x.x
Team Z.W.T 44.5 KB
Version 8.x.x
Team Z.W.T 50.5 KB
Version 7.x.x
Version 6.x.x