[v1.5.08] Thea Render all plugins, standalone apps Universal Activator & License File

Thea Render is a light-weight rendering engine combining the physics rendering and non-physics rendering, based on the GPU preview. Especially, it has a good cooperation with the commonly used industry software by architects, like SketchUp.

In addition to variety of rendering modes, the unique material system and interactive rendering support, Thea Render treats a lot of the same models as a single object to be processed, and spread it in the form of brush, such as numerous trees, hair and turf, etc. In consequence, it can effectively reduce the memory consumption and improve the rendering speed.

Thea Render can give full play to the operation efficiency of hardware resources carrying multi-core CPU and high capacity of RAM. With more powerful features but reasonable price and UI easier to operate and learn than the famous Artlantis or Vray, Thea Render are getting more and more users.

// Supported Plugins //

  • Thea Render plugin for 3ds Max
  • Thea Render plugin for Blender
  • Thea Render plugin for Cinema 4D
  • Thea Render plugin for Rhino
  • Thea Render plugin for SketchUp
  • Thea Render plugin for Softimage
  • Thea Render plugin for Modo

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you with the Universal Activator & Universal License File for all versions of Thea Render (including all plug-ins/stand-alone app – Thea Studio) on Windows both 32-bit and 64-bit (or Mac OS X, but not tested).

// Installation Notes //

Method I:

This method was tested for Thea Studio only:

  1. Download and install Thea Studio from official site
  2. Run Thea Studio, and enter “Help/License Form…/”
  3. (Download the universal activated license file ‘license.tra‘ first) Click ‘Misc‘ tab -> Import License -> open the ‘license.tra‘ file
  4. Done, restart program to make it effective.

Method II:

Below, we take the Thea Studio for example, but this method will be also working with all plugins/standalone apps which can be downloaded from the official site. And the activation of Plugin Licenses will be also effective to the standalone app Thea Studio installed on your PC.

  1. Download and install Thea Render (or any plugin) from official site
  2. Put the ‘tra.exe‘ (license file generator) on desktop and open a CMD window
  3. Drag the ‘tra.exe’ onto CMD window, then type into “ /g” (tra.exe /g) and press enter
  4. Copy (right-click/Mark) the generated license numbers, like “D8EU5-41OGZ-OQSPA-4C23C-3KWC (39451)”
  5. Start Thea Render, enter menu “Help” -> “License Form…
  6. Fill fields “Full Name” and “E-mail Address” with any values matched, then paste the generated serial numbers to “Studio Serial” filed (but do not click “Activate“)
  7. Jump to “Misc” tab and click “Export License” button to save the license file to desktop
  8. Run a CMD (as administrator) and locate to desktop (use ‘cd‘ command, ‘/?‘ to get the command help)
  9. Type into “tra.exe license” and press enter
  10. Go back to ‘Misc‘ tab and click “Import License” button to import into the activated ‘license.tra” file
  11. All done, enjoy! (restart Thea Render app to see the result)

*** Latest test was made for Thea Studio v1.5.08.1455 on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 on 2016/12/25.

For Mac OS X:

We had no choice to try the universal license file on Mac OS X, but you can just try it by importing the license file ‘license.tra‘ or use the universal activator to generate one on Windows and then copy it to your Mac OS X.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Plugin for Official Download Universal Activator Universal License File
Thea Studio
3ds Max
Cinema 4D


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