[v8.5.2] Latest Camtasia Studio Universal Keygen & Cracking Tutorial

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In this post, you can always get the valid and universal Keygen as well as the most complete, detailed and clear cracking steps for the latest version of TechSmith Camtasia Studio. For now, they are tested working all right for Camtasia Studio v8.4.4 Build 1859 & v8.5.2 Build 1999 on Windows 8.1 Pro. Keygen by TSZ Crack Team, cracking tutorial by SoleWe.

The keygen and cracking tutorial here will keep updating all the time, if you found that they did not work any more, just let me know please. We will update them as soon.

// Installation Notes //

*** The online check has been updated so that the cracking method of modifying the hosts file no longer works. So this is the newest solution:

  1. Download the latest version of Camtasia Studio from official site
  2. Close your Internet connection (just pull your network cable out)
  3. Open the hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) and add the following lines and save, exit:
    • activation.cloud.techsmith.com
    • oscount.techsmith.com
  4. Install Camtasia Studio and use the keygen to generate a license key to register (the ‘Name’ field can be anything you like)
  5. After installing, open ‘RegInfo.ini‘ file (C:\ProgramData\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 8\) and edit it as following:
    • [RegistrationInfo]
      RegisteredTo=AppNee.com (or any name)
      RegistrationKey=ACHSC-PFCCM-AM3CH-CDM4C-X443M (or any serials generated by the keygen)
  6. Save file, all done, enjoy!

*** Important! First of all, delete all hosts entries that were previously added, e.g.:

  • activation.cloud.techsmith.com
  • oscount.techsmith.com

Additional Suggested Settings:

  1. Open Camtasia Studio, go to ‘Tools\Options…\Upgrade Options‘, and uncheck the ‘Enable automatic upgrade check‘ and ‘Prompt before upgrade check‘ options
  2. Go to ‘Help us improve‘ tab, and select ‘No, thank you.‘ (because it will send anonymous data to TechSmith servers)
  3. To make sure it’s absolutely blocked, you can also block its outgoing accesses using your antivirus’s firewall:
    • IP in your firewall: (hostname: Camtasiatudi.techsmith.com) as mentioned

// Prompts //

Do not unblock them, since the application continuously tries to access them to validate the activation code. Alternatively, If you do not wish to use the online features of the application, you can completely block the application in your firewall.

// Download URLs //

OS Official Installer Universal Keygen
Windows Download blue boder Fast Link Page Download blue boder Fast Link Page
Mac OS X Download blue boder Fast Link Page n/a