AVG 2011~2018 All Products Universal Keygens collection

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Here is a universal keygens’ collection post for AVG 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016… all main products. And specially for users who encountered the ‘This is an illegal version of AVG…‘ message, like this:

AVG Internet Security | Warning!
This is an illegal version of AVG Internet Security
You’re using an illegal copy of AVG Internet Security.
For continued protection, please obtain a valid license.
[click button] > GET A VALID LICENSE NOW

The keygens are respectively made by EMBRACEVendetta and BAGAS.

// Use Instructions //

  1. Choose any one of the two keygens and run
  2. Choose your product name listed in the keygen, such as AVG Internet Security or AVG Anti-Virus
  3. Then the corresponding license number will show (click ‘Generate’ to get another new one

*** Every time you update, do remember to activate AVG with a different key.

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// Download URLs //

Made By Download Size
EMBRACE (Best) 173 KB
Vendetta 95.7 KB
BAGAS (pop-ups) 22.4 KB

(No Homepage)