[Update] Autodesk 2016 All Products Universal Keygen for Windows by X-Force

Below you can get the Autodesk 2016 All Products Universal Keygen for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, still made by our great friends X-Force Crack Team. Thanks to X-Force Crack Team again, we all should say thank you, isn’t it?

In according to the following method to crack, just remember one thing: do follow the every step and slow down, slow down! BTW, I promise the cracking tutorial you see in AppNee is the only most detailed and cleared one you can find on the whole Internet! So, don’t waste or miss this opportunity, just pay a little more patience.

// Use Instructions //

Step One: Install First

  1. Install any product of Autodesk you got (below, we only take AutoCAD 2016 for example)
  2. Use any numeric string like 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545066-66666666 as serial…
  3. Use your own Product Key or find one here (for AutoCAD: 001H1)
  4. Continue to finish up the installation and then restart your Autodesk Product (agree the privacy statement)

Step Two: Ready to Crack

Before enter the real cracking step, you have to do as follows to prepare for the following crack step:

  1. Click ‘Activate‘ button
  2. Select “Connect now and activate! (Recommended)” and directly click ‘Close
  3. When seeing “Activation has not been completed. Are you sure you wish to cancel?”, click ‘Yes
  4. Finally click on the ‘Activate‘ once more

Step Three: Crack Now

  1. Select “I have an activation code from Autodesk
  2. Download and extract the keygen out
  3. Right click on the keygen and select “Run as administrator
  4. Click on “Patch” until you see “Successfully patched!
  5. Copy the “Request code” field from the “Product License Activation Options” window, and paste them into the keygen’s “Request” field
  6. Press “Generate” button to get the “Activation code
  7. Finally, copy the generated activation code back to the “Product License Activation Options” window’s blank fields (locate the 1st one and paste), then click “Next
  8. All done, your Autodesk product has been fully registered now, congratulations!

// Notes //

  1. Do make sure you are running the Keygen as administrator
  2. Make sure you have turned off the UAC on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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// Download URLs //

Platform Download Size
32-bit 290 KB
64-bit 295 KB


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