Autodesk 2015 all products universal keygen & direct download links for Windows

At about 07:30 AM on 3/22/2014, I opened a mail from our anonymous friend Osama.O with the package attachment – universal patch-keygens for Autodesk all products on Windows x86/x64 platforms made by the famous crack team X-FORCE, detailed install notes (including product keys) and Autodesk 2015 all products direct download links from official site.

First, AppNee will say “Thank you” to Osama.O in the name of us all who benefit from these resources at AppNee.

Below I will show you a more comprehensive, clear, readable and easier cracking tutorial with Text, Picture and Video, take AuoCAD 2015 for example.

If it works and you think it is useful and helpful, please share this article to more friends who need it. This is the only what we hope you can do for us, thanks!

// How to crack //

Before cracking, make you satisfy the following condition:

  • A clear (have completely uninstalled any Autodesk product with specifically uninstall tool) or new Operation System (please refer to the following “// Related Links //”)
  • Make sure you have turned off the UAC on Windows 7/8
  • Disable your network adapter (unplug the network cable or block with firewall – just in order to disable the online check)
  1. Download and install your Autodesk 2015 product official trial installer from here
  2. Use any one of these serials:
    • 066-66666666
    • 400-45454545
    • 653-12354321
    • 666-98989898
    • 666-69696969
    • 667-98989898
  3. Use the products keys here
  4. Finish the installation & restart Autodesk Product (agree the privacy statement)
  5. Click on “Activate”, then select the “Connect now and activate! (Recommended)” and directly click “Close”. When seeing “Activation has not been completed. Are you sure you wish to cancel?”, click “Yes”. Finally click on the “Activate” once more
  6. Select “I have an activation code from Autodesk”
  7. Right click the keygen and select “Run as administrator”
  8. Click on “Patch” (then you should see “Successfully patched!”)
  9. Copy the “Request code” from the ‘Product License Activation Options’ window, paste them into the keygen’s “Request” field and press “Generate” to get the “Activation code”
  10. Last, copy the generated activation code and paste them into the ‘Product License Activation Options’ window’s blank fields (select the 1st and paste), then click “Next”

All done, your Autodesk product has been fully registered now, congratulations!

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// Universal Keygen Downloads //

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Universal Keygen
Universal Keygen
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